Kansas Medical Center, Emergency Services Professional Association, and East Wichita Properties plan to build a new, full service 24/7, Emergency Department at 21st Street and Webb Road.

Kansas Medical Center (KMC), Emergency Services Professional Association (ESPA), and East Wichita Properties (EWP) have teamed up to bring a new ER to North East Wichita.
The new ED is set to open in the next 12 to 16 months. Members of ESPA, all of whom are certified Emergency Medicine physicians, will staff the Emergency Room. EWP will construct and own the facility while KMC will staff, equip and operate the new ED to its standards of excellence.
“We are pleased to be working with Kansas Medical Center to bring a free-standing full-service Emergency Department to Northeast Wichita” said Dr. Kent Potter, of ESPA. “It is unusual that a new Emergency Department has the privilege of both being sponsored by a well-established Medical Center and staffed exclusively by local physicians averaging more than 15 years’ experience in Emergency Medicine.”
“Kansas Medical Center has always put patient care first. We believe that everyone is family here. With that comes responsibility and the expectation of a certain level of care” said Dr. Badr Idbeis, KMC’s CEO. “By partnering with excellent physicians to operate a NE Wichita ED, we will be able to extend our services to even more patients. We hope no one ever needs emergency medical care; however, if such need arises, KMC’s quality of care will now be closer to those families who need it.” EWP will build the facility on land it owns on 21st and Webb. The real estate company foresees the ED providing closer care to an area that is experiencing rapid growth. “We are glad that a hospital has, at last, decided to open a full service emergency room to care for patients in NE Wichita” said Dr. Wassim Shaheen, of EWP. “This project will be an excellent way to further ensure patients have the best possible care. As physicians we want to be involved in the decisions when it comes to our patients. We want to be sure our patients receive the same care we’d expect for our own families. This ED will make such a thing possible.”