Emergency Department

The Emergency Department provides 24 hours a day seven days a week service to our community. No longer is there a need to travel far to get to an Emergency Room. The department is staffed by Career experienced Emergency physicians, supported by capable and experienced staff. The department serves medical and surgical emergencies. If emergent surgery is required the operating rooms are few steps away; a life saving design.

Diagnostic services are available throughout the day and night.

The atmosphere is friendly where you are known by your name not your diagnosis, the service personal and waiting time is minimal to none existent.

We routinely care for patients with the most common emergencies, from migraine headaches, to heart attacks, ankle sprains to major fractures and the like.

The ER is served by several ambulance services and has a covered canopy to protect our patients from inclement weather.

ER answers phone calls 24/7. 316-300-4911